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Surprising Benefits of Walking Barefoot

Mar 24, 2018 0 comments
Surprising Benefits of Walking Barefoot

Barefoot Benefits

Often overlooked by modern society, the act of barefoot walking actually has a multitude of health benefits that will surprise even the most open-minded of people!

Just a few minutes a day of walking without any shoes on is shown to have a huge impact on both the body and mind, so take off your shoes and socks and get your feet back in touch with the ground!


Balance – when we wear shoes, our feet do not feel as many benefits of the vestibular system which governs our balance. Walking barefoot stimulates neural connections and fires up the vestibular system to improve balance. 


Circulation – shoes support our feet which means that we do not use certain muscles for periods of time. Walking barefoot engages these muscles which in turn stimulates circulation to the feet.


Posture – shoes can give us an unnatural posture which our bodies need to strain to correct. By walking without shoes on our bodies are forced to realign to a better, more supportive posture.


Inflammation – studies have shown that free radicals, the molecules that cause inflammation carry a positive charge. Though we need these positively charged particles, we also need to make sure they don’t build up in our systems and cause inflammation.

The earth carried a negative charge, which means that unwanted free radicals are discharged when you walk barefoot.


Sleep – contact with the earth is believed to stabilize the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle, which means a much better night’s rest after walking barefoot.


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